Bucky Covington has released this new song from his EP Happy Man which he self released on July 14, 2015. Bucky has not found a new label since the Lyric Street label closed in April of 2010.

Here is what our Taste of Country staff had to say about the song:

He’s a singer with a signature voice and a knack for storytelling. The song showcases both, rolling like a film reel through one’s imagination. Sonically it’s a little more pop-friendly than some of his early music, but few are going to accuse Covington of being anything but country.

Why Fans Will Love It: There’s a sweet innocence to “I Feel Ya” that will play well between any two songs on the radio.

Key Lyrics: “And I’m trying so hard to read your lips / Can’t tell if you want a Coke or a kiss / Then a song comes on and your smile says everything / And I feel ya.” 

Did You Know?: Bucky’s real name is William Joel Covington III. Yep, if not for a nickname he could have been country music’s Billy Joel.

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If you would like to download this song to your digital library, here are the links:

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