Today's download was actually a suggestion from a new employee in our front office. We call her the "Director of First Impressions" because she sits at the front desk. Her name is Chelsy and she is a joy to be around. She asks me almost every day "What is today's download?" Then she asked if she could submit some suggestions. Well, come on she works at the front desk and knows where I work, what was I supposed to say? No!? And actually, I appreciate any suggestions people want to give me for the daily download. I struggle some days with finding just the right song. 

Today's Daily Digital Download comes from Jamie Lynn Spears (yes, the little sister of Brittney). I love the traditional ballad country sound of the song. It includes a pedal steel guitar and any time I hear that in a country song I immediately fall in love with it.

Billy Dukes of Taste of Country noted that the production, particularly the "faint echo" accompanying each note, is effective at masking Spears' unexceptional vocal ability and lending the song an air of authenticity. On his online poll the song received over 63% five star rating.  Spears said her now husband, Jamie Watson inspired the song.

If you would like to download this song to your device, here are the links: