New artists are always talking about the thrill of going into a store to buy their debut album but I've never heard any of them say they want to steal it.  Well, that's what Joel Crouse would like to do.

He tells "Billboard" "A lot of people have told me not to do this, but now that it's out, I want to try walking out of the store with one . . . without paying for it.

"I'm not saying that I'm for stealing, but if I walk out with the record, the alarm goes off, and they ask me what I'm doing, I just want to see what they would say.  It's got my name and picture on it, so it is mine."

In 2011, Crouse signed with Show Dog-Universal Music, and began touring with Toby Keith and The Band Perry. He released his debut single "If You Want Some" in February 2013. It received three-and-a-half stars from Taste of Country reviewer Billy Dukes, who thought that Crouse "sings with more confidence than 20 years provides most artists".