There is no denying the sheer talent of country duo Dan + Shay — a talent that was in the spotlight on Saturday (March 30) at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago. From Shay Mooney's Gary Levox-esque vocals to Dan Smyers' genius behind the machine that is Dan + Shay, the throngs of young women that filled the sold-out venue on this particular night couldn't get enough of all that these two offer.

With Smyers paying homage to the Windy City with a Michael Jordan-inspired T-shirt and Mooney paying homage to the '80s with a retro-style windbreaker, the duo started things off with a singalong to their song "Alone Together."

Then, the fist-pumping began through a quick succession of songs that included "All to Myself," "What Keeps You Up at Night" and "Make or Break." And just when you thought they were going to take a brief break to officially greet their fans, the two enthusiastically made their first 'somebody make some noise' request and continued with "Stupid Love," “Nothin’ Like You" and "Keeping Score."

Fans wanted as many songs as they could get, and Dan + Shay were poised to give it to them.

"This could just be the craziest and loudest night of the tour," Smyers told the Chicago crowd over a seemingly constant stream of screams. "Your support is changing our lives."

That thank you turned into an emotional performance of the touching "From the Ground Up," during which the two admitted that just singing the song made them emotional.

"We should be professional, but we are so damn grateful," Mooney said as Smyers hit his chest in agreement and as both took turns wiping their eyes.

After a couple more songs, a couple more prompts to film video for their social media ("I feel very powerful. Every time I point that camera, you go crazy") and another compliment for the audience ("this is the most ridiculous show I think we have ever played!") the pair went strictly acoustic on "Show You Off," "Lipstick," "My Side of the Fence" and an insanely good cover of Adele's "Someone Like You."

After an impressive performance of "How Not To," it was time for Act 3, otherwise known as a very staged encore in which the pair came out to close out the show with "Speechless," "19 You + Me" and "Tequila."

It's a show that's timed to the second, and at times cliche — but Dan + Shay know what their fans want, and they deliver it tenfold.

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