Country music fans may not know Danny Worsnop's name just yet, but metal fans certainly do. The singer-songwriter and Asking Alexandria frontman is preparing to release a country-rock / blues-y solo project, and he's sharing one of its tracks, "Anyone But Me," exclusively with readers of The Boot.

Worsnop wrote "Anyone But Me" with Terri Jo Box and Randall Clay -- "two very talented, dear friends of mine," the artist tells The Boot -- while they were hanging out, "picking and enjoying some adult beverages." Worsnop strummed the song's chord progression, and about 20 minutes later, the tune was complete.

"The song is a very introspective look at my past failed relationships, where I ask myself if it was something I was capable of trying again," Worsnop explains. "It is definitely one of those songs that makes you look at yourself very closely in hopes of answers and growth, and it definitely did its job.”

In "Anyone But Me," against a steady drum beat and the twang of a steel guitar, Worsnop asks, "Ever been too blue for the bottle? Too lost to go home? ... Has your heart ever been broken? Ever cried yourself to sleep?"

"I love you too much to let you love me / I know myself too well to lead you on," Worsnop sings in the song's chorus. "So go love anyone / Please, love anyone but me."

"Anyone But Me" is a simple song, but Worsnop's clear-but-just-slightly-raspy vocals convey its heavy, sad emotion. Readers can press play below to listen.

At 26 years old, Worsnop knows a thing or two about what some of the best country songs are made of: Although he found success with both Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot, the Beverley, England, native has struggled with alcohol and found himself in rehab twice, homeless three times and hospitalized a number of times. His first solo effort, The Long Road Home, is a 12-track record filled with blues- and country-tinged songs about heartache, love, death and more.

The Long Road Home, on which "Anyone But Me" appears, is due out on Feb. 17. The project is available for pre-order via Earache Records.

Listen to Danny Worsnop, "Anyone But Me":

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