Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines made a special appearance at Ben Harper’s Los Angeles concert on June 30, joining the rocker onstage to perform the Pink Floyd classic ‘Mother.’

Though the musical pairing may seem odd, Maines’ inclusion in the set was rather calculated, considering her offstage musical partnership with Harper. According to our friends at Diffuser, the country superstar is in the studio working on her first solo album, with Harper claiming producer credits on the project.

“Ben has a studio and he’s just sort of facilitated this for me in a natural progression,” Maines told Howard Stern in an interview last month. “I didn’t go in knowing what I was gonna do or that I was gonna make an album. I was just gonna go in and make some music, and it’s been fun.”

Maines later tweeted she is “eight songs deep” into the project, and is aiming “hopefully for a spring release.”

Fellow Chick Emily Robison has expressed hope for a Dixie Chicks reunion soon, but with news of Maines’ solo project, it looks as though fans may have to wait a considerable amount of time for new music from the trio. With news that Robison is expecting her fourth child later this year — expanding the Chicks’ total tyke count to nine — it seems as though she and sister Martie Maguire will remain busy in the meantime.

Watch Natalie Maines Perform Pink Floyd’s ‘Mother’

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