Duane and Beth Chapman's daughter, Bonnie Chapman, has accused the former Dog the Bounty Hunter star of cheating on his late wife, among other things, in a three-page statement posted to Twitter on Tuesday (Aug. 24).

The formal release also accuses Duane "Dog" Chapman of making racist and homophobic comments, as well as threatening physical abuse to silence her when she was young (she's now 22).

"I will no longer back down. I stand for what I believe in firmly," Bonnie says. Duane has not yet responded to the accusations, but if history holds true, he will soon.

In explaining what prompted her to release a lengthy statement, Bonnie says she was allegedly texted by Duane's fiancee, Francie Frane. Bonnie begins detailing many years of what she claims is bad behavior from her father: That he was fired from his show Dog Unleashed for using racial and homophobic words towards cast members on Bonnie's Unleashed TV show, The System, a program focused on racial and social justice.

At the time of his firing, video and details of what was said — or to whom — were not revealed. A statement from Unleashed Entertainment President and CEO Mike Donovan to Taste of Country focused on the reality show star's social media behavior after being fired, while confirming that their internal investigation showed clear use of racist language, as well as some unspecified illegal activity.


"I had forgiven my father after my mother's death for countless actions that I shouldn't have," Bonnie Chapman writes. "He would cheat on my mom all the time, and I hated him every time he did it, but forgave him for that because I wanted a relationship with my dad."

She furthers that even as Beth was in the hospital, Duane began having an affair with a friend of his wife's. Additionally, Bonnie lauds her mother as a beacon of light who truly changed her father's ways. She says those changes came undone with Beth's death from cancer in 2019.

"As a child, I was always silenced by him, threatened with physical violence, and I will no longer back down," Bonnie adds. The full letter can be seen below, in which she further accuses her father of spewing hate toward the LGBTQ community. She also claims that Frane negates COVID-19 restrictions, going as far as to say she flew on an airplane, despite knowing she had the virus.


No supporting evidence was provided.

Rising tensions between the Chapmans began, at least publicly, after Duane announced his wedding to Frane, expected to happen in September. Bonnie and Cecily (Duane's adopted stepdaughter) say they were not invited, with Cecily speculating that it was because they reminded him too much of Beth, their mom. Later, Bonnie told TMZ it was because of her alignment with the Black Lives Matter movement — a note substantiated by a response from Chapman's other daughter, Lyssa.

The text that Frane allegedly sent Bonnie reads in part, "So let's not beat around the bush, you & Cecily both know you haven't been invited to the wedding because your (sic) living under the same roof with the people who stabbed in the back, robbed, lied, manipulated, smeared his name and tried to ruin his career."

Duane himself later reiterated to TMZ that his daughters are being groomed by people involved with Unleashed TV.

Bonnie ends her statement by providing her contact information — a good indication that this story is far from finished. Duane Chapman and Francie Frane plan to marry on Sept. 2.


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