Bucky, a 3-year-old lab, managed to walk all by himself from Virginia to South Carolina to reunite with his owner. But how did he do it?


Bucky’s owner had to relocate for a job and the new place didn’t allow dogs, so Bucky was left behind to stay with a family member. But here is the thing – Bucky wasn’t having it. Missing his owner was enough for Bucky to embark on a 500-mile journey to find his owner.

After over two weeks of walking, Bucky made his way to South Carolina where he was discovered by a friendly farmer and his dogs. The farmer search the missing dog ads but didn’t find any that were matching Bucky’s description. So he decided to keep Bucky. A routine check up with the vet and a micro chip with Bucky’s real owner contact information was discovered – are you tearing up yet – I was.

When Mark Wessells received a call from the vet who told him he had Bucky, Wessells was speechless – I would be too. The vet is not sure how Bucky managed to walk so far away, but he is speculating that Bucky was relying on his keen sense of smell.

Bucky is now back with his owner and the two are never again getting separated.

[Source: ABC News]



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