There's something about Keith Urban that just seems to catch the eyes of powerful women. First, Loretta Lynn jokingly requested he jump out of a cake on her 87th birthday — and he obliged, during a massive birthday tribute show in Nashville in 2019. Now, Dolly Parton admits that she thinks Urban's pretty easy on the eyes, too.

"I love Keith Urban. I've always thought he was one of the most talented and cutest guys in the world," Parton says during an interview with ABC's Good Morning America. "I'm not trying to hit on him, because he's [married to] Nicole [Kidman], and who could beat that? She's 'Jolene.'"

With her "Flaming locks of auburn hair," Kidman does indeed bear some resemblance to Parton's most famous country music character, a woman so beautiful that no one else can compete with her when it comes to landing a man. But Parton's admiration for Urban goes far beyond looks, she quickly goes on to say. In fact, she thinks he'd make a great duet partner.

"I love his writing and I just think he's dear," she continues. "He reminds me so much of my brothers and my own family from back home. He's from Australia but he has that feel of our mountain Southern people — he'd fit right in."

In a nod to her new Duncan Hines line of cake mixes, Parton also says she wouldn't mind whipping up a treat for both members of the megawatt Australian power couple.

"I'd be happy to make a big ol' cake for him and spend all afternoon singing songs," she relates, saying that Urban "used to sing my songs back home in Australia — he knows all my music and we love the same stuff.

"We could have Nicole sit over and listen to us sing," Parton adds. "I'll fix [the cake] and she can serve it and have a piece."

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