Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, and then watch an entire movie on a pizza company’s social media page, you could miss it.

Take heed, people who don’t own a DVD player or have access to basic cable, where the film plays basically around the clock: Domino’s Pizza will be screening the venerable teen classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on their Facebook page this coming Sunday, June 11 at 7PM. Naturally, they are not doing this out of pure benevolence; the idea is you’ll watch the movie and buy a pizza, and the more people who attend and buy pizzas the higher the discount customers will get.

This specific “news” item is, I think, less interesting than it’s wider import for the world of movies, particularly if it becomes a trend. They’re calling this thing a “Facebook Live Movie Night” - and while some Facebook users seem confused exactly what Domino’s Pizza store they have to visit to watch the movie, they’re screening this thing on social media. I can’t say for certain that’s a first; if it’s not, it’s certainly one more the more high-profile examples. And the fact that this feature-length movie is being used as a way to leverage pizza buys is pretty notable too. Domino’s had a recent ad that looked like Ferris Bueller; so where does the commercial end and the movie begin? Who knows.

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