President Donald Trump is not as big of a Taylor Swift fan as he used to be after the singer endorsed Democrat Phil Bredesen in Tennessee's race for U.S. Senate.

On Monday (Oct. 8), Trump was told about Swift's support of Bredesen over Republican Marsha Blackburn. "I'm sure Taylor Swift has nothing — or doesn't know anything about her (Blackburn)," he said, before coming with:

"Let's say that I like Taylor's music about 25 percent less now, OK?" (quotes via CNN).

But did the president ever like Swift to begin with? He did! In a 2012 tweet unearthed by Huffington Post, the then-businessman and reality show star said Swift was "terrific":

Swift got political for the very first time on Sunday (Oct. 7), sharing her support for two Tennessee democrats in the races for Senate and House of Representatives. Bredesen has since publicized his gratitude, also rallying his constituents to register to vote.

Blackburn has not responded to the message nor Swift's assertion that her voting record is anti-woman and anti-equality.

"Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me," Swift said in a lengthy post on Instagram:

I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country. I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights, and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent. I cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love.

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