Doug Supernaw, who made his mark in country music during the late '80s through the late '90s with several Top 30 hits including "I Don't Call Him Daddy," has announced he is battlling Stage IV cancer in his lung and bladder.

"A post on the 58-year-old singer's official Facebook account gives an overview of his condition: "After struggling with a prolonged cough, Doug was admitted to the hospital on January 25th, where it was determined he was suffering from Pneumonia. Additional tests found fluid on his heart and lungs which put his heart in an A-Fib condition. Additional tests also found a suspicious mass in his right lung. It was then determined that it was in Doug’s best interest that he be transferred to another Houston area hospital. It was at this hospital that his medical team confirmed several masses in his lungs, lymph nodes, bones, and bladder.

"The official diagnoses as of now is advanced, stage four, lung and bladder cancer," the post continues. "At this time, Doug remains in the hospital, awaiting more testing, while determining a treatment path."

After thanking his medical team, friends and fanbase, the post asks that Supernaw and his family be allotted privacy during what is obviously a very difficult time.

Supernaw's most recent release was a greatest hits project in 2017, which included two new songs.

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