The drive-thru worker at a Fort Hood Captain D's restaurant had a lengthy conversation about heroin, cocaine and smoking weed out of a homemade bong, all over the drive-thru speaker, apparently not realizing her mic on was and a customer was waiting.

The conversation lasts for nearly three minutes, all while a customer waits to place his order, and his passenger films the incident.

The worker, presumably a college student based on her references to "next semester," can be heard saying, "I'm literally considering starting heroin. I'm not kidding. I'm going to do weed and coke," to another employee. The girl admits that she's "done weed before," and then describes the "ghetto little bong" she made out of a soda can and smoking in a Walmart parking lot— all while the waiting customer tries to get her attention.

When someone finally informs her that there's a customer waiting at the drive-thru, she goes radio silent for an entire minute before coming on, apologizing and saying that the "person on the drive-thru had the battery out."

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