Imagine driving down the interstate and finding lots of money all over the roadway - what would you do? That is exactly the situation in which some drivers found themselves on I-40 near Meridian Avenue in Oklahoma City Monday afternoon.

Apparently a bag full of money fell out of a vehicle and burst open, sending $20 bills everywhere - and sending some drivers scrambling. Incredibly there were no accidents as a result of the dozens of cars that stopped and all of the motorists running around grabbing as much as they could. Even more incredible is the fact that no one has come forward yet making a legitimate claim to the cash. But that doesn't mean those who pocketed some of that money are free and clear. State law requires those who find money or property to attempt to locate the owner. Not doing so could result in a larceny charge. If it's more than $500, it's grand larceny - a felony.

So, how much money was in the bag? Police aren't saying. Nor will they say how much they have in their possession or how much they think passing motorists took. One motorists says she saw several empty wrappers with labels reading $2000. While the total amount is a mystery, one thing is certain - if no one claims the cash after 45 days, it will go back to those who turned it in.