If you decided by some weird chance that you wanted to gain notoriety by robbing a bank, do you think that you might put a bit of time and effort into the planning and execution? 

Evidently in Des Moines Iowa, it is not required. A typical person who will do something as daring as this will make sure to cover his or her face or wear something nondescript.

A bank in Iowa was robbed earlier this week by a female suspect who did neither. Really? What is or was she thinking? How dumb do you have to be to think you can get away with it?

The Des Moines Register published security camera footage of the young woman who walked calmly into the First State Bank in Stuart on Monday afternoon, fresh-faced and wearing a bright green sundress.

The unidentified woman strolled into the bank and handed over a note to the teller. Not even worried about the possibility of anyone recognizing her or the fact that there were several cameras taking pictures of her at the time.

Police reports say she then left the bank with an undisclosed amount of money.  She was spotted by a passerby hopping into the trunk of a navy-colored sedan which had been parked in an alley before it sped away.