Dustin Lynch has revealed the cover art and track listing for his upcoming fourth studio album, Tullahoma.

Lynch shared the details of the forthcoming project in a press release on Friday morning (Dec. 6), revealing a stark, simple cover that shows the singer in a black-and-white photograph with the album title in capital letters at the top.

The album contains Lynch's current single, the Top 5 hit "Ridin' Roads," and 10 other new tracks that constitute the most personal collection of songs he's ever released.

"Every song on Tullahoma, there’s a reason it’s there,” Lynch says. “A lot of that points back to the people who raised me, and growing up with a lifestyle where I could go outside and have fun, explore and try new things in the great outdoors. It’s kind of about being that kid and learning all those things. That’s my story, but I think we all can relate to the kid who’s discovering, the kid who’s figuring out love for the first time, all that good stuff.”

Lynch co-wrote extensively for the new songs, which include a collaboration with Lauren Alaina titled "Thinking 'Bout You." He worked with and drew from some of the top songwriters in Nashville for the 11 new tracks, including Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line, Matt Ramsey from Old Dominion, Rodney Clawson, Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, Zach Crowell and more. The late producer and songwriter Busbee collaborated with Akins and Ashley Gorey on a song titled "Workin' on You."

Lynch is excited about Tullahoma, which is set for release on Jan. 17 via Broken Bow Records.

“In a weird way, I feel like I’m just getting started,” he states. “I feel like we’re just approaching the launching pad, and I feel like we have songs that will take us to the next level.”

Tullahoma is currently available for pre-order across a variety of digital music providers. Fans who pre-order the project will receive the album's opening track, "Momma's House," as an instant download.

Broken Bow

Dustin Lynch, Tullahoma Track Listing:

1. “Momma’s House” (Dylan Schneider, Michael Lotten, Rodney Clawson, Justin Wilson)
2. “Dirt Road” (Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, David Garcia)
3. “Thinking ‘Bout You" (feat. Lauren Alaina) (Dustin Lynch, Andy Albert, Hunter Phelps, Will Weatherly)
4. “Ridin' Roads” (Dustin Lynch, Ashley Gorley, Zach Crowell)
5. “Old Country Song” (Josh Miller, Bryan Simpson, Josh Jenkins)
6. “The World Ain’t Yours and Mine” (Matt Ramsey, Luke Laird, Rodney Clawson)
7. “Country Star” (Dustin Lynch, Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Jordan Schmidt)
8. “Workin' On You” (busbee, Ashley Gorley, Rhett Akins)
9. “Little Town Livin'” (Dustin Lynch, Ben Hayslip, Zach Crowell, Rhett Akins)
10. “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes” (Dustin Lynch, Kyle Fishman, Dallas Davidson)
11. “Good Girl” (Dustin Lynch, Justin Ebach, Andy Albert)

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