Dylan Schneider's "Two Black X's" is a nostalgic reminder of that space between boyhood and manhood, or (if you're the singer's age) it describes last weekend.

The 18-year-old newcomer's story of spotting a girl from a distance at the club isn't deep or an epiphany. "Two Black X's" is honest — hey, when you're that age, finding beer and a girl wearing short jean shorts is akin to a retired man finding a nap. #LifeGoals.

Scoff if you like, or roll your eyes, and then keep on remembering those exciting days from your youth and try not to let anyone see you smile. Great country songs aren't always poetic like "Gentle on My Mind" or emotional like "Over You." This is the kind of song so many country singers are referring to when they say something like, "It doesn't always have to be serious."

"Two Black X's" is a little bro-y, but well-written and universal. Schneider is an artist to watch closely over the next 12 months.

Did You Know?: Dylan Schneider is currently on the road with Lee Brice.

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Dylan Schneider, "Two Black X's" Lyrics:

We had two black x's on our hands / Singing right along to the sound of a cover band / Sneaking sips from an ice cold blue can / With two black x's on our hands.

You cut them jeans short as you could / Girl, you wear reckless so damn good / I'm probably staring way more than I should / 'Cause you cut them jean short as you could.

Girl, I want you so bad / Just stay right where you're at / Why would I want you back / When I could have you right now, baby / Something about the way you move / Just got me hooked on you / Let's drink it in as long as we can / Two black x's on our hands / With two black x's on our hands.

You got my heart all lit up, babe / Dancing around like it's your stage / Don't need no beer to intoxicate me / One shot of your hips, chased with your lips / And I'm going crazy.

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