Dylan Scott's new single "Hooked" is built around a big, nearly irresistible country-rock chorus. The love-at-first-sight song stays true to a brand Scott has been building.

Like "My Girl," this new track seems readymade for radio. A soft, smoky introduction quickly adds key features that Scott's first verse leaves out, and by the 23-second mark he's at that chorus. From there his doting aggression is what separates "Hooked" from others built around a similar theme. The dad-to-be barely lets up as he drives through the a second and third refrain.

While not poetry, "Hooked" is sure to touch some innate emotion within a large swath of the country population. Scott is a talented vocalist, but the stylized arrangement of this song lends itself to being more of a complete sonic package than a showcase. More of the same is a good thing if you're Dylan Scott. But we want to know what you think — vote below!

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Did You Know?: Hooked was co-written by Morgan Evans, who is engaged to Kelsea Ballerini.

Dylan Scott's "Hooked" Lyrics:

It was a Friday night / No cover but the cover band was sounding right / And there you were just flirty dancing by the neon sign / To ‘Fishin' In The Dark’ / You were reeling in my heart / Now look at where we are.

I'm hooked on kissing you, getting / Getting you turned on / Buzzing and loving on you / All night long / Like a hit song on the radio / You already know the way it goes / All it took was a look and / I was hooked on / The way that you taking / Taking my shirt off / And running my fingers / Through your long blonde / Hair falling in your eyes / Like the first time they caught mine / All it took was a look and I was hooked.

It's Saturday / You're still asleep and I could leave / But no way / This ain't a one night fling kinda thing / Wanna wake you up / Wanna press my luck / And my lips on your cheek / Like I can't enough 'cause.

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