I'm a blessed Nana.  My husband and I have 9 grandchildren and one on the way the day after Easter.  The ages range from 9 months to 11 years, so when we plan for the Big Hunt, we really have to get creative so there is something they will want when they open those prize eggs.

Candy for this holiday is always king, and I'm not gonna lie, Nana and Papa have helped the kiddos dispose of that melty chocolaty goodness after the hunt, but just for argument sake, when my preteens get to big for candy, what are some cool alternatives?

  • alexsl

    Gift Cards

    Why didn't I think of this?  A gift card is the perfect fit for kids, preteens and teens alike.  They can be a little at $5, it really doesn't matter to them.  They feel like adults with a gift card at their disposal.  I like food cards or to a favorite store like Target or Walmart.  Then just prepare yourself for the never ending question, "When can we go spend my gift card?"

  • Amazon.com

    Hair Accessories

    Both of our older Granddaughters are obsessed with Scrunchies.  And, who can blame them!  They serve the purpose of holding your hair out of your face and do it in the coolest combination of colors and fabrics!  Not just scrunchies though, how bout cool barrettes or hair pins, even those little clips, or tiny combs?  Any of these would be great for your girls, and for boys? Combs for sure, but not much else in this category.

  • gresei

    Nail Polish

    Again, this is more for girls than young men, but how fun would it be to have Easter colored polishes for the girls to find?  Light blue, green, yellow, orange, pink?  And they have the smaller bottles that would definitely fit into those larger prize eggs!

  • tihomir_todorov

    Tiny Action Figures

    Gosh, doesn't GI Joe action figures bring back memories?  More like the whole pack of army figures? These would be perfect for a boy, how bout lil cowboy figures, or Littlest Pet Shop?  My boys and girls would have a hey day with either of these!  They might even forget all about the candy that they usually get!

  • Amazon.com

    Mini Lego Kits

    This is a different idea for sure.  But hear me out.  What if you give each child their own colored eggs to find, and you break out the pieces into two or three eggs?  They have to find all of them to be able to put together their prize.  Keep the box of course to give to them to take them home.  I'm liking this idea more and more for boys and for girls!

  • IcemanJ


    This has been a staple at our house for the last few years.  We have done change, quarters and half dollars, but at the kids have gotten older, they like the big money!  Last year we did ones and fives, (more ones than fives), and this year we are adding one super prize, a $10 bill! Kids of all ages like to get cash!

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