Elvie Shane is the guy who made you cry when he sings his debut single, "My Boy." The Kentucky-raised singer-songwriter unveils a stepfather's heart like one is beating in his chest, adding ample nuance and emotion to a story those who can relate to will want to repeat.

"He Didn't Have to Be," Brad Paisley's breakout single from 1999, is an obvious and appropriate comparison, as both songs approach a fragile set of circumstances with great sensitivity and confidence. Only a tender-hearted vocalist can keep this kind of lyric from becoming mawkish. It takes a certain amount of empathy to even want to approach a song like "My Boy."

Shane shows great promise by not hesitating one bit. To look at him could be to peg him as another rowdy country rocker, something Paisley didn't have to worry about 21 years ago. Indeed he brings a dynamic catalog with him during live shows, but his first introduction to country music fans nationwide is as an understanding songwriter (he wrote "My Boy" with Nick Columbia, Russell Sutton and Lee Starr) and capable vocalist. He's also the guy who hung in there to raise someone else's kid, which all things considered is a pretty great way to get people on your side before your debut reaches its chorus.

Did You Know?: Yes, "My Boy" is based on Shane's story. He frequently shares photos of his "boy" and wife on social media.

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Elvie Shane's "My Boy" Lyrics: 

He ain't got my smile, that don't bother me a bit / He's got somebody else's eyes I'm seeing myself in / I'm holding on to every moment, God knows I've missed a few / The day we met I knew I had some catching up to do.

He ain't my blood, ain't got my name / But if he did, I'd feel the same / I wasn't there for his first steps / But I ain't missed a ball game yet / And that ain't ever gonna change / I could never walk away / Yeah, he's my son and that's my choice / He ain't my blood but he's my, he's my boy.

It hit me like a train, the first time he called me dad / In a three stick figure crayon picture with all of us holding hands / His mama said, I understand if it's too soon for this / I didn't let her finish, I took it to the kitchen and I stuck it on the fridge, yeah.

Repeat Chorus

He's Saturday morning cartoons / He’s, Hey, can I sleep in your room / He's bigger than the plans I had / He's making me a better man.

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, he's my, he's my boy.

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