If you've ever wanted to see Randy Travis get into a fist fight or Dolly Parton threaten a man with a gun (or Reba McEntire work a shotgun like she grew up with it), then you have got to see this mix of great country music singer movie scenes.

Tim McGraw plays a terrible father, Dwight Yoakam plays a real piece of scum and Faith Hill plays a housewife like you've never seen before. Those are just a few dramatic moments from country music's time on the silver screen.

We're going to warn you right now, some of these clips are terrifying, and at least one is very NSFW for bad language.

While there have been a few forgettable performances by country stars in Hollywood, these 10 scenes show there is some real acting talent in Nashville. Trace Adkins has been in several movies, but it's his clip with Mark Wahlberg that we spotlighted here. Taylor Swift plays a bubbly blonde in her famous gif-worth scene. Glen Campbell's movie clip goes way back. He's spotted spanking a girl, but it's not the kind of thing you're thinking if you just watched Hill in The Stepford Wives.

Do you have a favorite country music actor or actress? Share who and prove their worth with a favorite scene in the comments section below. Then check out more This List videos, starting with some of country music's most adorable singers as kids.

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