Eric Church has chosen what could one day be his encore song as the fourth single from ‘Chief.’ ‘Creepin” isn’t the best song on the album — it may not even be in the Top 3. However, it’s the project’s loudest, most rock and roll moment — one that would send fans home in a dizzying fit of distorted euphoria. 

Church’s rock roots are clear as he returns to the outer rim of what country radio will play. ‘Springsteen’ and ‘Drink in My Hand’ were obvious radio hits, becoming his first two No. 1 singles. This hard-rocking heartbreaker uses liberal amounts of distortion and vocal effects, turning a quick and easy story into a nearly four minute-long jam.

“Head for the future / Run from the past / Hide from the mirror / And live in a glass / What dreams forget the whiskey remembers / Kinda like molasses in a late December,” he sings during the chorus. The vivid imagery gets lost in the rock and roll attitude of ‘Creepin’.’ However, with this type of song, the story rightly comes second to the emotions stirred up by the swampy acoustic picking and razor sharp guitar solos.

Your cocaine kiss and caffeine love / Got under my skin and into my blood / That need you back comes over me / Like ivy crawlin’ up a hickory tree,” Church sings to begin the second chorus. The song gets even better when you follow along with the lyrics on paper.

‘Creepin” wouldn’t work as a second single from ‘Chief,’ but Church will find more programmers willing to take a chance on this edgy country song now than he would have a year ago. The final minute builds like a tidal wave with Church unleashing a cathartic scream at the climax, just like he would on stage. This singer has built his career from his live show, and this lead song from his latest album is an example of the power he brings every night.

4.5 Stars

Listen to Eric Church, ‘Creepin”

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