A little less than a week ago, the internet got an eyeful of the trailer for the upcoming remake of seminal ’70s buddy cop program CHiPS. The response was, to put it diplomatically, varied — many groaned at the film’s decision to trot out hoary gay-panic gags, disappointed to learn that Hollywood has not left the whole “two heterosexual men frightened of each other’s bodies” schtick behind. Others, such as star Dax Shepard’s wife Kristen Bell (a skilled comedic actress in her own right, portraying Shepard’s wife in the film), presumably told him it looked real good and she couldn’t wait to buy a ticket. One person has been surprisingly vocal in his distaste for the film, however.

The Wrap notes that Actor Erik Estrada, one-time portrayer of Frank “Ponch” Poncharello in the original series, took to Twitter yesterday and shared a pair of tweets thoroughly denigrating the film due March 24. Though Estrada did not compose any of the messages himself, the CHiPS detractors (Twitter users Robyn and AZnewborn72) that he retweeted were forceful in their language.

Pure trash! Demeaning to CHiPS fans! Them’s fightin’ words, and if we’re to understand Estrada’s choice to publicize them as an implied endorsement, it would seem that he echoes these objections to the new film. What remains unclear is which aspect of the film has riled the fans up to this degree. AZnewborn72’s message makes mention of what they consider unduly added gunplay, but Robyn’s doesn’t name a specific gripe. Does Robyn find the gay-panic material distasteful, or does the film just look unfunny, or would the CHiPS fan rather the cherished ’70s nostalgia item go untouched? Such are the mysteries of life. Erik Estrada’s mind is an enigma.

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