Just because a relationship looks great on paper doesn't mean that it works, and that's a hard lesson that Erin Kinsey learns in her newest release, "Reason for Leaving."

The up-and-coming pop-country star digs into the difficult stuff in her song's lyrics, which get at the murkier emotions behind a relationship's shiny veneer.

"Your mom said I'm the one years ago / You know the colors I want in our wedding," she sings in the opening verse of the song, setting the backdrop for a longterm relationship that seems like it's leading to marriage — but, as the song quickly reveals, things might not be so simple.

"Are you just waiting on some night when I say goodbye out of nowhere? / Wondering when you'll catch me kissing somebody else somewhere?" Kinsey sings in the soaring chorus. "Boy, I ain't lyin' when I tell you that I'm in love / After everything, saying it should be enough / I ain't gonna beg you to believe it / If you're just looking for a reason for leaving / Well, maybe you already got one."

After all, sometimes it doesn't take an infidelity or a big blowout fight to bring an end to a love story: Sometimes, one person in the relationship just isn't in love anymore. In the clip, Kinsey knows that that person is her partner, and while she can take the heartbreak of losing him, the limbo she's in in the meantime is unbearable.

Press play on the clip below to watch the lyric video for the song, which is premiering exclusively with Taste of Country:

Kinsey's song is extra powerful because it's a true story.

"'Reason for Leaving' is the first song and video I’ve ever done that wasn’t simply 'pretty,'" the singer reflects. "Every lyric is true and that made this entire experience quite scary and emotional for me at first, but being on the other side of recording, I feel such a freedom in speaking the truth. I may not have gotten this all right, but I’m not worried anymore about getting it wrong."

The scenes for the lyric video reflect the song's themes of digging out the less pretty parts underneath a shiny surface. Filmed at a home setting on a rainy night, the video footage contains occasional tape glitches and raindrops obscuring the shot, underscoring the point that the truth isn't always pretty — but it still has to come out.

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