Though Carly Pearce’s raw debut single “Every Little Thing” is an accurate portrayal of the singer’s artistry, fans can expect to see more of her personality shining through on her upcoming album of the same name.

Along the same vein as “Every Little Thing,” the project also includes the track “If My Name Was Whiskey," which Pearce cites as one of her favorite songs she’s ever written. While she calls ballads and songs about heartbreak a “strong part” of her artistry, she promises she has happy songs, too.

“I’m kind of sassy at times,” Pearce tells Taste of Country. “I come from a family of strong, fiery women and this album kind of has every color of who I am.”

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Every Little Thing features stripped-down songs like the haunting title track that are balanced with uptempo rockers and some timeless country-sounding tunes. A particularly emotional song comes in the form of “I Need a Ride Home” that’s inspired by the memories of Pearce’s beloved small hometown in Kentucky. The song finds her fondly reminiscing about sitting with her grandfather at the kitchen table as a child. “There's a line in the song about that and every time I sing it I almost choke up,” she admits. "I think everybody can relate to that song.”

Fans’ faith in Pearce’s debut track encouraged her to include songs on the album that establish that same personal connection. “It made me want to make sure that my debut record is as transparent and honest as 'Every Little Thing,'" she says, "because it's pushing and motivating me to bleed me heart out because that's when you get the best material and you're able to really connect with people.”

Every Little Thing is available on Oct. 13.

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