If you are a fight fan, The Super Fight Night at the Comanche County Fairgrounds will be your Mecca.  The night will feature the 3rd Annual Original Toughman contest and the Fist of Fury cage fights.

If you are a lady and think you are tough enough, there is still a place for you on the fight card for Saturday night.  Promoter Jim Morris was in the studio today to let us know exactly what to expect for the evening, and to ask for a few more female fighters.

Here are the requirements:

Boxing only

No professionals

3 One Minute Rounds

16oz Gloves and Headgear

No Kicking, No Biting, No Wrestling

Must be 18 years of age

If you are interested, or tough enough, call 580-354-4955 to sign up!

Here is the interview with Jim Morris in case you missed it!


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