Kyler Fisher hopes his new baby boy turns out a little like him, and he is being literal. The actor, singer and YouTube star hopes Oliver Rhett turns out most like his wife, Madison, the other adult on the Fishfam channel.

"A Little Like Me" was released last month, but Fisher shared an acoustic version of the song with Taste of Country readers and subscribers on YouTube. Find him and just one guitar player working through the personal lyrics.

"I hope your first car is a pickup truck / And your first love is my old love / Hope you break a rule or two on your way to 18 / Hope you drive too fast and grow up slow / Make God laugh with what you know / Hope your hands are dirty and your heart stays clean / You're a lot like her and a little like me," he sings at the chorus.

With over four million subscribers on YouTube, the Fishfam is about as public of a family as you'll find. Twin daughters Taytum and Oakley, daughter Halston and new baby boy Oliver Rhett join the couple in the videos. Fans like their positive outlook as they face personal and professional challenges. Through it all, he has maintained a passion for singing and songwriting and has released several songs he's written.

While not yet a familiar face on Nashville's Music Row, Fisher has tied himself to the community. Baby Oliver Rhett's middle name was inspired by country hitmaker Thomas Rhett.

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