We can argue all day about which entered the public consciousness first, but if The Flash brought in a white-haired woman unable to control her ice powers, you can bet Frozen references were incoming. Kevin Smith did the honors with this week’s “Killer Frost,” as a subtle background clue urged Caitlin to let it go. Let it goooooo …

Smith himself copped to the Easter Egg before The Flash actually aired its “Killer Frost” outing, urging fans to look for an establishing shot of a frozen food warehouse after Caitlin kidnapped Julian (Tom Felton). As such, a familiar-sounding name on the side of a truck once again triggered the world’s earworm:

The Flash Frozen Easter Egg
The CW

Unfortunately for us, The Flash already established that Caitlin Snow isn’t exactly capable of a rich rendition of “Let It Go,” but we have to imagine Cisco’s going to needle her for one all the same. You know, once they deal with that whole “murderous ice rage” thing first.

The jury’s still out on whether Caitlin will really go all “Killer Frost” against her team down the line, but will she be able to “Let It Go” when the time comes? Come on, you know we had to. The cold never bothered us anyway.

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