Foy Vance doesn't readily admit that his song "Malibu Jane" is about "Monica" from the hit '90s/early '00s sitcom Friends. You kind of have to get it out of him.

“If she was standing here right now, within two minutes she wouldn’t be Monica from Friends,” Vance shares. “She’s just a 'Bama girl. She’s just solid. Just as solid as they come. A solid human being."

Vance spoke with Taste of Country after performing the heartwarming friend ballad. A trio of backing vocalists lift his beautiful voice up as he sings and strums a guitar with benevolence.

"Kind is a word that suits you just fine / Everybody needs their back got, I know you got mine / And you're always being kind / I've never once heard you complain / Malibu Jane," Vance sings during this song from To Memphis, his new studio album. Courteney Cox became a second Jane to him.

Vance has a song called "Janey" from his Joy of Nothing album that's about a very close friend of his in London. Several years ago, he met and became friends with Cox — in fact, they're quite close.

“Straight away she took that sisterly — she was always fussing — like, ‘Have you eaten today?’ That sort of thing," Vance says. "I kept saying to her, ‘You’re like a Malibu Jane.’”

Thus was born the song, but the Irish singer-songwriter never expected to record it. Only after years of tinkering around and playing it in campfire settings did he realize he might have something worthy of a record.

"Malibu Jane, oh Malibu Jane / When will I see your face again / Well if ever you need a friend / You just call out my name / And I will hop back on the plane / Malibu Jane," Vance sings at the chorus.

The song is the second of two Vance performed at the ToC studio during Americana Music Fest in Nashville in September. Watch him singing "Cradled in Arms" — a Christmas gift for his mother — below.

Foy Vance Sings "Cradled in Arms" Live

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