Independent country sensation Frank Foster draws on his high-energy live performances in the video for his new single, "'Til I'm Gone."

Directed by Jeff Landry, Foster's "'Til I'm Gone" video begins with black-and-white footage of the singer backstage strumming an acoustic guitar prior to a show, then cuts to color footage of him and his band delivering a high-octane performance of the song to an enthusiastic crowd. "'Til I'm Gone" is the title track of Foster's latest album, which he released in September of 2018.

"The ‘‘Til I’m Gone’ video was not only a wonderful opportunity to show off our latest single, but also a great opportunity to show off our greatest asset...our fans," Foster tells us. "They really bring the energy every night and it was great to capture that.”

Click on the clip at the top to watch Foster's "'Til I'm Gone" video, which is debuting exclusively with Taste of Country.

Foster's music is an amalgam of traditional and modern country, and "'Til I'm Gone" strikes that balance by juxtaposing a hard rock electric guitar riff with a lyric that celebrates the good old-fashioned country way of life.

"Put me down at Daddy's on my grandpa's land / Dixie dirt on my boots, a shotgun in my hand 'til I'm gone / 'Til I'm gone / Yeah them old stomping grounds that I grew up on is my where my soul belongs / 'Til the good Lord calls me home and I'm gone," he sings.

The Louisiana native and former oil field worker has built a rabid following organically since releasing his debut album, Rowdy Reputation, in 2011. "'Til I'm Gone" debuted at No. 2 on Billboard's Album Sales chart right behind Carrie Underwood upon its release.

For more information about Frank Foster or to keep up with his live schedule, please visit his official website, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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