Have you ever been to a garage sale where people are haggling over prices, pushing and shoving you to get to the bargains?  Yeah, me neither.

You will be able to shop hundreds of garage sales all in one convenient location this weekend at the Great Plains coliseum.  Here are some helpful tips about garage sale etiquette to keep in mind anytime you are out hunting bargains.  These are 'in general' guidelines for all garage sales.


For the Buyer:

  • If the garage sale says they open at 8am don't show up at 5:30 am expecting to get in early.
  • Respect the sellers property.  Treat your hosts garage, yard and merchandise like it was your own.
  • If you are bringing your children, keep an eye on what they are doing.
  • Don't just carry large bills.  Have small bills and lots of change with you.  I carry a large coin purse full of loose change and $1 and $5 bills.
  • If you are buying a large item or lots of items ask the seller to start a pile for you in an out of the way place.  It is considered rude to claim something as "yours" to other buyers if you have not let the seller know that you intend to purchase it.

For the Seller:

  • Make your buyers feel at home. The more they linger the better your chances of selling them something.
  • Keep your pets on a leash or behind a gate.  Not everyone is comfortable around animals.
  • Open on time.  There is no greater turn-off than a garage sale that opens late.
  • Keep your items organized and up off the ground.  Move things around to close up empty spaces.
  • Even if someone doesn't buy something, thank them for stopping by.
  • Have bags available for small purchases to encourage buyers to buy more!

I hope this helps.  We always have a great time at our annual garage sale and we look forward to seeing you there.  Doors open at 9am on Friday and will stay open until 6:30pm.  We will reopen on Saturday at 8am and stay open until 4pm.  Entry fee is just $2 and children 14 and under are free (but must be accompanied by an adult).



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