Garth Brooks is one of the biggest music stars in the world, and though he has his pick of artists he could collaborate with, the one he longs for most is someone truly special to him: his late mother, Colleen Carroll.

Brooks followed in the footsteps of his mother, who was a singer on Capitol Records in the 1950s. She died of cancer in 1999, and her son reveals that if there's one person he could sing with, it's her.

"Just to see her one more time. Just to get to smell her and hear her and hug her, that would be unreal," Brooks said during a press conference in New Jersey.

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The country superstar paid homage to his mother with the moving "Mom," a single off his 2014 album, Man Against Machine, which tells the story of a conversation between God and an unborn child. Brooks brought the audience to tears during a performance of the song on Good Morning America in 2014.

"They live with you forever, which is what you're supposed to do. And I'm convinced as a parent, that your kids are not going to feel that way about you 'til you're gone," Brooks says in an interview with Linda G. at Kicks 105.5 in Danbury, Conn. "I think your job as a parent is to continually feed. They're listening, just continually feed so hopefully, they can get through life maybe making fewer mistakes than you did because of some kind of input you had."

Brooks recently racked up his 20th No. 1 single with "Ask Me How I Know."

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