Garth Brooks' youngest daughter Allie is the member of his team he was referring to when he announced a coronavirus case in his immediate circle earlier this month. The young singer hadn't been around Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood recently, but her husband had.

"Her husband works with us every day," Brooks revealed during a press conference on Wednesday (July 29), "so that was the possible scare. So everybody went and got tested, and everybody tested negative, so we were back up and running pretty quick. She quarantined for another 14 days after her time as well, so she’s feeling great.”

Allie Brooks had a mild case of the coronavirus, her father says. A sore throat was the worst of it, but she did her due diligence and is now safe. That's not setting her dad's mind at ease, however.

“Truth is, as a parent, nobody knows what COVID is going to do in the future," Garth Brooks says. "So you just watch over them, you pray a lot and hopefully she’ll come out of this thing with just that. That would be wonderful."

The 24-year-old is the daughter of Brooks and his first wife Sandy, and she performs professionally as Allie Colleen. She had not mentioned testing positive on social media prior to her father's announcement. Brooks doesn't seem to be too concerned about another outbreak in his house, something he credits Yearwood for.

"If you know Trisha Yearwood, she’s very … she’s in control," he says. "And she has been very spot on these six months, and she’s led our family through it."

Media were called together for an update on Brooks career plans, specifically his decision to remove himself from consideration for all future CMA Entertainer of the Year awards. The unprecedented decision came after some controversy following his 2019 win.

"The last thing I want to do is seem ungrateful," he says, but "it's time for somebody else to hold that award ... 'cause they're all out there busting their butts."

Brooks will remain eligible for all other CMA Awards and the full slate of ACM Awards, including Entertainer of the Year.

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