Dean Dillon didn't just write songs for George Strait, but he wrote a lot of him for the King of Country Music. Here are 68 songs Strait recorded that were either written or co-written by Dillon, a 2020 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee.

It started with "Unwound," Strait's first release on MCA records in 1981, and it has lasted through Strait's 2019 Honky Tonk Time Machine album. In fact, of Strait's 30-plus albums, only a few don't include a Dean Dillon cut. Seven were title tracks, and 18 were chosen as radio singles (as marked with an asterisk below).

Here's the Full Story of George Strait's First Radio Hit, "Unwound"

Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney and Keith Whitley are three more of the many artists Dillon wrote signature songs for, but Strait and the east Tennessee native will forever be connected due to the depth of their catalog together. Which is your favorite Dean Dillon song for George Strait?

George Strait Songs Written by Dean Dillon:

“A Real Good Place to Start” (Carrying Your Love With Me, 1997)
“Any Old Love Won’t Do” (Strait Out of the Box, 1995)
“Back to Bein’ Me”  (If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin' 1988)
"Blue Marlin Blues" (Here for a Good Time, 2011)
"Blue Water" (Honky Tonk Time Machine, 2019)
"Codigo" (Honky Tonk Time Machine, 2019)
“Down and Out” (Strait Country, 1981)*
“Drinkin’ Man” (Here for a Good Time, 2011)*
“Easy Come, Easy Go” (Easy Come, Easy Go, 1993) *
"Even When I Can't Feel It" (Cold Beer Conversation, 2015)
"Every Little Honk Tonk Bar" (Honky Tonk Time Machine, 2019)
"Everything I See" (Cold Beer Conversation, 2015)
“Famous Last Words of a Fool” (If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin' 1988)*
“For Christ’s Sake, It’s Christmas” (Merry Christmas Strait To You, 1986)
“Four Down and Twelve Across” (Honkytonkville, 2003)
“Friday Night Fever” (Strait Country, 1981)
“Give Me More Time” (Troubadour, 2008)
“Good News, Bad News” (Somewhere Down In Texas, 2005)
“Her Goodbye Hit Me in the Heart” (Strait Country, 1981)
"Here for a Good Time" (Here for a Good Time, 2011)
“He’s Got That Something Special” (Twang, 2009)
“Holding My Own” (Holding My Own, 1992)
“Honk If You Honky Tonk” (Honkytonkville, 2003)
“Honky Tonk Crazy” (Strait From the Heart, 1982)
“Honkytonkville” (Honkytonkville, 2003)
"House Across the Bay" (Here for a Good Time, 2011)
“I Ain’t Her Cowboy Anymore” (It Just Comes Natural, 2006)
“I Believe” (Love Is Everything, 2013)*
“I Get Along With You” (Strait Country, 1981)
“I’d Just as Soon Go” (Blue Clear Sky, 1996)
"I'll Always Remember You" (Here for a Good Time, 2011)
“If I Know Me” (Chill of an Early Fall, 1991)*
“If Heartaches Were Horses” (Troubadour, 2008)
“If It’s Gonna Rain” (George Strait, 2000)
“I’m All Behind You Now” (Ocean Front Property, 1987)
“Is It That Time Again”  (If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin' 1988)
“It Ain’t Cool to Be Crazy About You” (7, 1986)*
“I’ve Come to Expect It From You” (Livin' It Up, 1990)*
“Lead On” (Lead On, 1994)*
“Living for the Night” (Twang, 2009)*
“Marina Del Rey” (Strait From the Heart, 1982)*
“Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” (7, 1986)*
“Ocean Front Property” (Ocean Front Property, 1987)*
“Peace of Mind” (Always Never the Same, 1999)
“Rocking’ in the Arms of Your Memory” (Blue Clear Sky, 1996)
“She Let Herself Go” (Somewhere Down In Texas, 2005)*
“She’s Playing Hell Trying to Get Me to Heaven” (Strait Country, 1981)
“She Took the Wind From His Sails” (George Strait, 2000)
"Sometimes Love" (Honky Tonk Time Machine, 2019)
"Take Me Away" (Honky Tonk Time Machine, 2019)
“That’s My Kind of Woman” (It Just Comes Natural, 2006)
“That’s the Breaks” (One Step at a Time, 1998)
“That’s Where I Wanna Take Our Love” (Always Never the Same, 1999)
“The Best Day” (Latest Greatest Straitest Hits, 2000)*
“The Breath You Take” (Twang, 2009)*
“The Chair” (Something Special, 1985)*
"The Night Is Young" (Love Is Everything, 2013)
“The Road Less Traveled” (The Road Less Traveled, 2001)
"The Weight of the Badge" (Honky Tonk Time Machine, 2019)
"Three Nails and a Cross" (Here for a Good Time, 2011)
“Unwound” (Strait Country, 1981)*
“We’re Supposed to Do That Now and Then” (Livin' It Up, 1990)
“West Texas Town” (Troubadour, 2008)
“What Would Your Memories Do” (Strait Out of the Box, 1995)
“When You’re in Love” (Troubadour, 2008)
“Without Me Around” (Easy Come, Easy Go, 1993)
“Without You Here” (Ocean Front Property, 1987)
“You Sure Got This Ol’ Redneck Feelin’ Blue” (Something Special, 1985)
*Released as a radio single

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