Gloriana’s new single ‘Can’t Shake You’ takes time to build, but by the second verse, the trio is able to put real hurt into a mid-tempo song about failed love and regret. The second-to-last chorus finds a Gossin brother (Tom, Mike… who can tell them apart without looking at them?) digging deep for what may be the most vulnerable moment on their new ‘A Thousand Miles Left Behind’ album. 

And every other time when love said goodbye, I just shake it off, shake it off  / Pour another drink so I don’t feel a thing, I just shake it off, break it off,” the Gossins and Rachel Reinart sing in harmony.

The hook is warm and memorable, delivered with understated grace. It sticks in your memory like a fond family memory. “Erased all your numbers, blocked all your calls / Tried another love and build up new walls / Told myself it’s over, I don’t know what else I can do / I can’t shake you.

By adding some heavy steel guitar and pulling back the pop production, Gloriana begin to separate themselves from Lady Antebellum. That’s something the young trio needs to do, as so often they come across as the decaffeinated version of the supergroup. Reinart takes a few brave steps forward during the second verse. She’s not quite as confident as one would hope, but in this case her tenuous delivery adds to the intended suffering.

I didn’t wanna be here, but my friends all love this bar / I don’t wanna see you, but I’m wondering where you are / And why must I be keeping the shirt you used to sleep in / It’s been sitting here for over a year / Oh, even though you left me, you’re still here,” she sings. Old t-shirts seem have become a favorite symbol for modern songwriters. So far the reference hasn’t been overused, but a few more forgotten t’s will feel as worn out as an … old t-shirt.

Next to ‘(Kissed You) Good Night,’ ‘Can’t Shake You’ feels like a heartbreaking sequel. It’s unlikely many will get wrapped up in that narrative however. This new song has more substance than any previous efforts from current or old albums. Gloriana should have no trouble landing a second straight Top 5 hit.

4 Stars

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