Funds are needed to help mark the birthplace of Louis "Grandpa" Jones. A few organizations are trying to raise the money to help properly honor the late Country Music Hall of Famer with a historical marker.

The Henderson County Historical and Genealogical Society in western Kentucky has only only raised a portion of the $2,500 they need. Jones -- a former 'Hee Haw' cast member -- was born in the county's Niagara community on Oct. 20, 1913, and the community wants to keep his memory alive.

Jones made a big impact on country music, starting his career as early as the 1920s. In 1946, he joined the Grand Ole Opry and made such an impact that he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Jones' local influence was also felt -- he was even inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame.

In February, the Kentucky Historical Society authorized the historical marker, but help is needed to ensure it happens. Those interested in making a donation can do so by mail, directly to the historical society at P.O. Box 303, Henderson, Kentucky, 42419.

Grandpa Jones died in 1998.

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