Granger Smith didn't call on actors to star in his "Happens Like That" video. Instead, he turned to his family.

Smith's wife, Amber Bartlett, and their 1-year-old son, River, are the country singer's co-stars in the new video, which portrays a love story from "order a drink" to "one knee down with a diamond ring."

A reflection of the song, the video reveals Smith alone in a cornfield before being joined by Bartlett with a few drinks, which leads to Smith making a proposal shortly after, followed by an act of moving in together, pregnancy and the arrival of their baby (played by River). A refreshing take on a tried-and-true concept, the video is masterfully done and relies on the proper amount of special effects to move the story along without being hokey.

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Granger Smith's "Happens Like That" Video

All acts throughout the video also tie back to the theme of the chorus: "True love, it happens like that / Outta the blue sky, lost in her blue eyes / Yeah, when it happens like that / Nothing to lose turns right into you / Doing all you can do just to keep her around / 'Til the moon goes down and you're back at your house / One thing leads to another / You're loving each other / One look and you never look back / It happens like that." 

With River's cameo, all three of Smith's children have made appearances in his music videos, as has his wife. In fact, Smith's real life love story with Bartlett started via Facebook, when he messaged her about starring in the music video for his 2009 song "Don't Listen to the Radio." She took the gig, and the rest is history.

Smith's new album, featuring "Happens Like That," is expected to be released this fall.

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