When the work day is finished and I kick back to relax in the evening, I choose to do so in a local community that I consider one of the best kept secrets of southern Oklahoma. Waurika is a small, everyone knows everyone community, that is made up of 2,000 plus hard working friends.

Today, Halloween, our little town turns into one of the biggest team efforts to entertain that I have found in the area.

The events of Halloween in Waurika go something like this: nearly every church in town host a 'carnival' or 'fall festival' event early in the evening.  Once everyone finishes at the churches, then the trick or treating begins, I'm not talking about just a family walking from door to door.  You will find numerous hayride trailers being pulled by tractors and large groups of families hauled from street to street, ensuring everyone makes it to every house in town.

Many decorate their homes, some beyond imagination.  One in particular, the home of Rebecca Griffin, one of the oldest homes in town is located on Park street displaying quite the light show and a cemetery full of ghouls.

From the youngest to the oldest....everyone is in costume and it becomes a sea of batman's, zombies, princesses, clowns, and many other characters.  It is truly a blessing spending the evening with my family and seeing just how good we have it in Small Town USA!