I know it sounds like the beginning of an elaborate joke, but the internet has been abuzz with speculation that the Queen of England has died.

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Berlin
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It all started with a post yesterday on that once-in-a-lifetime day, 2-22-22, saying that sources have confirmed that the Queen is dead. Jason Lee, founder and CEO of news site Hollywood Unlocked posted on his site the grim news that has not been confirmed or refuted by the Palace.

The world is completely obsessed with any royal news, so it's no wonder why the world is waiting patiently for either confirmation or denial.  Jason Lee is standing by his sources.

I am one of those waiting anxiously for any news.  The Royal Family interests me.  Starting with the fairytale of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, to William and Kate to Prince Harry and Meghan's Megxit.  I never pass up a royal story when it pops up in my newsfeed.

Must be the whole fairytale scenario.  There are princes and princesses that live in real castles.  Does it make their worlds better?  Not that I can see.  There are still family estrangements, socially awkward moments, and disappointments in their family.  There are also happy moments, new babies, and family solidarity during the devasting loss of Prince Philip.

Whatever the reason we are fascinated, I know that the Queen has been the unifying matriarch of this family and the leader of England for decades.  I sincerely hope that the news is not true.  I will be one that will be so totally sad if it is.

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