Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd's romance began in Nashville's writing rooms, but they'd yet to record an official duet together -- until now. "Chasing After You" pairs the married couple for a song about longing, waiting and loneliness.

Written by Brinley Addington and Jerry Flowers, "Chasing After You" "is actually pretty famous on Music Row," Hurd tells Today's Country host Kelleigh Bannen: It's been put on hold by a number of artists, but never released.

"I felt really blessed when it kind of fell to me a couple of years ago," Hurd notes. "We were on a beach in the Cayman Islands -- I think it was the first trip we ever took together -- and Maren was like, 'I want to sing on that song with you.' So this is years in the making."

Teddy Reimer and Aaron Eshuis co-produced "Chasing After You," which follows Hurd's single "Every Other Memory." He leads the first verse, while she takes the second, covering both perspectives of a couple who can't seem to help falling back into old habits, even though it always ends the same way.

Soon to be married for three years, Hurd and Morris welcomed their first child -- a son, named Hayes -- in March of 2020. Though this is the pair's first duet, they've both written songs about each other and their relationship, recorded together and performed live together. Both artists say they've loved continuing to make music together as their relationship has progressed.

"It's been really natural. And I think that that's the best part about it," Hurd says. "There's moments that are hard to be a creative partnership and actually have a life together ... but I think, for the most part, we do this together -- we always have."

Morris, too, has been at work on new music, to follow her sophomore album, Girl, from 2019.

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Did You Know?: Songwriter Jerry Flowers is better known for his day job as bass player and band leader for Keith Urban.

Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris, "Chasing After You" Lyrics:

You come over when your wine’s all gone / Always catch me when I’m not that strong / Then you wind up staying all night long / Ain’t nothin’ new / Then I wake up with you on my chest / You got a way of making me forget / Girl, with you the answer’s always yes /Every time you call.

But I know, yeah I know it’s a matter of time / Till you walk, till you walk back out of my life / Leave me standing here lonely feeling like a fool / Every time, every time you say we’re done / You come back to the love you were running from / Don’t know why, don’t know why I let you but I do / Guess I love chasing after you.

Maren Morris:
Listen / Wish I could quit you but it feels too good / If I could turn it off, you know I would / But somethin’ ‘bout you makes me think we could / Make it after all.

Repeat Chorus

You come over when your wine’s all gone / Always catch me when I’m not that strong / Then you wind up staying all night long / Ain’t nothin’ new.

Repeat Chorus

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