Two and a half weeks!  That's how long you have to get your favorite Girl Scout Cookies.  I think I could be addicted to the Thin Mints.  I usually buy a couple of boxes at every local table that I can find.

Now those cookies are even easier to find!  Did you know that you can find local locations to buy your cookies?  I didn't, so was very excited to visit the Girl Scout website.  From there you can click Buy Cookies, then enter your zip code, and the site will give you all of the local sales and days, and locations.  Plus, if you click 'View Details' you will get directions and hours that the girls will be there selling the cookies!

So where can you find cookies this weekend?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Country Mart, 6734 W Cache Rd,  Lawton, OK 73505

Lowe's, 4402 Cache Rd, Lawton, OK 73505

Sam's Club, 801 NW Sheridan Rd, Lawton, OK 73505

Walmart Supercenter, 6301 NW Quannah Parker Trail, Lawton, OK 73505

•100% of the proceeds stays with the Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma council and helps fund fun activities, outdoor learning adventures and more for our local girls.

•This year, the girls have come up with new and convenient ways to safely help you satisfy your cookie cravings.

•Girls will have booths around town at various retail locations and you can find the closest sale by visiting

•You can also order cookies online and have them shipped to your house or delivered right to your porch by your local Girl Scouts.

•The cookie sale is girl-lead and is the one time a year they can put on their entrepreneur hats and run their own businesses.

•The world needs cookies more than ever right now and that’s why this year’s theme is ‘Create Moments of Joy’.

•So buy some cookies for yourself and then buy some for a friend or family member to sweeten their day.

•You can even buy cookies to donate to troops and frontline workers by visiting

•Be sure to stock up on your favorites for the year, because the cookie sale will be over before you know it.

•Make some room in your freezer for that year supply of Thin Mints and then go out and support your local Girl Scouts!

•The sale runs from 1/30/21 thru 3/21/21 so don’t wait until it’s too late to get your cookies.

I'm pretty lucky. For the last few years, I have nieces that are Girl Scouts and I order from them online.  Oh...and if you order at least 8 boxes by March 7th, shipping is half off! Go me!

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