Happy 45th Birthday to Oklahoma's own, Blake Shelton.  I've heard of Blake sightings from time to time, but usually they are around his stomping grounds in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  Wouldn't it be grand if Blake decides to take a road trip for some local Birthday cuisine?  He wouldn't even have to come all the way to Lawton.  How about a stop half way, Blake?

James has never been to Jake's Rib.  How a person who has lived all of his life in Oklahoma, and hasn't been up the street to Jake's Rib seems a bit far fetched, but, OK, I can buy it.  I really wanted to try something new though.  So I whipped out my handy TravelOK app to see what else I could find in Chickasha.  I found the usual chain restaurants, but I also found several others that I had never heard or or visited.  So, I guess I should apologize to James since I've spent the majority of my life right here too.


They all sound just like the places that James and I like to stop at on our Oklahoma road trips.  Small, family owned restaurants that serve great food.  Now, the delimna is just which one do we choose.  They all sound so so good!  We would appreciate so much your help.  Could you please take this quick poll and tell us where we should go?

Thanks for your help!  If you are looking for a getaway, or a restaurant close-by in the state of Oklahoma, I suggest you check out online Travel OK.  It's your site for all things Oklahoma, whether you are looking for accommodations, sight seeing, or like us great food.  You'll find it at www.travelOK.com or download the mobile app!

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