I drive by Highland Cemetery every single day.  Sometimes, ten times a day.  Usually when I drive by, I think of my Momma, who along with my Dad is buried there.  In the early hours of the day, I like to talk to her. It just makes me feel closer to her.


I have to admit, it took me a few days to actually realized that the front gate has been closed.  I was told an incident with a trash truck forced the gates to be closed until the 1936 gates can be repaired.

The City of Lawton Issued this Statement:

Due to pending repairs, the gates of the main entrance at Highland Cemetery, 2201 NW Fort Sill Boulevard, are closed. Citizens wishing to enter the cemetery should adhere to posted signage and enter using the south gate.


I have always loved this old quiet cemetery.  It just feels 'homey', if that's even a word.  Maybe historical is a better description of the cemetery located on Fort Sill Boulevard and Smith Avenues.

I was actually surprised to find that some of Lawton's well known names are also buried at Highland Cemetery. Did you know that Elmer Thomas was a real person?  Not just the name of the huge park located on Ferris Avenue.  Yes, Elmer Thomas was a Democratic Representative and Senator from Oklahoma who practiced law in Lawton. He was  He was actually elected to the very first State Senate after Statehood. He was also instrumental in the development of Medicine Park . After serving and practicing law in Washington DC, he returned to Lawton, where he lived until his death in 1965.  More here on Elmer Thomas.

Now if your enjoy the Wild West days, you might be interested to know that Oklahoma Lawman, Heck Thomas is also buried in Highland Cemetery.  Thomas served as a United States Marshall in the Indian Territory, which is now Oklahoma.  He is famous for being able to track and apprehend bandits. He was Lawton's very first Chief of Police, where he remained until failing health forced him to leave that post.  Thomas passed away in Lawton in 1912.  More here on Heck Thomas.

Hours of operation for the cemetery are daily from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.



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