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WARNING: This post does contain spoilers of the 'How I Met Your Mother' series and the finale, read only if you have watched the finale.

Well it happened, Ted Mosby finally met the title character, the Mother, Tracy McConnell. The episode was perhaps the most beautiful episode ever written, produced and played out in recent history in television. We saw the meeting, glimpses of their lives and how the lives of the gang played out after the wedding.

This episode had everything, emotional tugs at the heartstrings, final epic and legen- wait for it- dary moments. Seeing Ted finally happy with the woman we have been wanting to meet and see for the past nine years. Then it drops its first big bombshell, Barney and Robin getting a divorce.

As if nothing happened, Barney goes back to his regular ways which seemed ridiculous and unnecessary. All of the growing and development Barney did in the last couple seasons seemed to have been forgotten and the dial had just been set back. I guess this was to serve as a way to let fans see the Barney we loved. In the end, the character just became awkward through the finale until the switch flips again with the birth of his daughter. All the growth comes back in an instant and then made awkward again when Barney encounters two women at MacClaren's and tells them to go home.

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Now Cristin Milioti, who played Tracy, the only regret is we never really got to view and see as much of her as we wanted. Many of us were hoping that the final season would be part wedding (like 3 or 4 episodes at most not the entire season) and the rest showing Ted and The Mother's relationship growing. The shattering feeling that was felt when it was shown that she was sick with an unknown illness and most likely going to die added more emotion to the character and was building up to what could have been a beautiful story with a sad heartfelt ending.

After the words 'And that kids, was how I met your mother,' were finally heard it became just music to the ears of the viewers, you couldn't help but just smile after finally hearing the story come to a close. Well little do you know it is at that moment where they go down a path where they should not have gone down, bringing back Robin.

Now through the finale Robin is living the life she always wanted, traveling the world as a big time international reporter. As it progresses its even shown she feels regret with not ending up with Ted but sees it is too late and just accepts it.

Then what is perhaps one of the most disappointing bombshells drops, Ted gets back with Robin in the end. I don't get it. Why would take the time to tease and build what was the perfect person for Ted. In the last few minutes of the show, it shows that The Mother was somewhat unimportant in the end. Yes you can argue that people moving on with their lives is just a way of life and is natural. However, something about Ted and Robin getting back together just seems a little off-putting.

After so much emphasis of letting go in the final season why did the writers bother to bring these two characters back together. Sure there are a few fans that wanted them to somehow get together in the end, but the majority was done with the constant back and forth between these two. Ted was done and now all of a sudden they're back together.

The finale probably would have been more bearable if there was not so much emphasis on the Mother in the first place. So much time and effort and emotion was built towards Ted meeting the mother. All of that laid foundation just now seems pointless with the mother dead. If this was the case the entire time (which turns out it kind of was) the series should have been called 'How I Met Your Step-Mom' and play out in a different direction then how it went to justify why Ted should be with Robin in the end.

What did you think of finale? Did you watch it? Are you satisfied with the ending? Will you pay any attention to the spin-off series?

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