It all started pretty innocently really.  We were driving back from a lunch meeting and there was a camel standing on the corner of 7th and C Ave.  No really. A Camel.


To myself, I said, "I've got to get a picture of this or no one else will believe me". So I whipped into a parking spot and got out.  Talking with Cindy Coleman, marketing director for Liberty National Bank, I inquired why there was a camel a corner, to which she replied, "Hump Day"!  Now, it get it! Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, do you know what day it is? Hump Day! (Yesterday was Wednesday you know!)

Well, they invited me to take a picture with the camel, so I did.  What I didn't know was that apparently, the camel liked my hair spray!  Within about 2 seconds of standing by the camel, he practically head butted me!  If you flip through the gallery of photos fast you can see my reaction in almost real time!  It was a priceless experience!  Note to self...easy on the hairspray when talking to camels!

Jeri & the Camel

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