I tried to add in my head how much I have spent on ringtone in the last year.  I think I came up with just around $20.  I read an article this morning that gave an unbelievable statistic about the total amount that the world spends on cellphone ringtones.


Each year, cellphone ringtones account for $5 billion in sales worldwide.  I had to write it out, because I have no idea just how many zeros are included in a BILLION!  It got me to thinking about how many ringtones I have purchased in the years that I have owned a cellphone.

And, it got me to wondering what is the top downloaded ringtone in the USA right now.  Did you know that Billboard (the company that rates songs and albums) also rates ringtones?  I had no idea!  I checked out this weeks Billboard ringtone chart, and found the number one ringtone is Little Big Town's 'Pontoon', a recent winner in our KLAW Country Song Showdown.  I do not have this ringtone on my cell phone, but I do have the number #3 rated song, Luke Bryan's ' Drunk on You'!

Here is the video for the top rated ringtone, 'Pontoon'.


What is your current ringtone?


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