Trent Harmon says when it boils down to it, he just wanted to win American Idol more than the other finalists. The "There's a Girl" singer reflects on a pivotal moment during the show's final season, when everyone else was praising another finalist.

La'Porsha Renae had a big night during the first week of live shows, and the judges practically coronated her right then. Harmon didn't have his best night, but knew he'd be good enough to continue. Afterward, as he sat in his hotel room a little bummed to see his roommate go home, he had one thought: "Game on, let's play ball."

The always-cool Mississipian figured she couldn't top that, and he was right.

"No one was going to win based on talent alone," he said. "If you wanted third place, then you knew exactly the amount of work that that took." When there were five or six left Harmon says he figured if he didn't rest, he could out-work the others.

"I just didn't, I never did. I went to the last second."

Mentor Scott Borchetta indicated that Harmon just wanted it more during interviews with Taste of Country. As a result, the singer is signed to Borchetta's label group. "There's a Girl" is his new single, a love story that's based on real life experiences. Expect more self-written material from Harmon's debut album. He says he'll feel better if he tries and fails if he took a chance on his own music.

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