Justin Timberlake really, really, really wants us to take him seriously as an actor.

Such is evident in the new trailer for Andrew Niccol’s ‘In Time,’ a sci-fi action thriller in which the aging process for all humans stops at 25. Sounds awesome, right? Duh! Except, naturally, there’s a catch: Anyone who wants to live past the age of 25 must work for more time, causing people to do whatever necessary to keep their clocks ticking.

So where does Timberlake fit into all of this? Based on the trailer, his character is falsely accused of murder, sending him on a cat-and-mouse chase with the beautiful (but unfortunately wigged) Amanda Seyfried, the daughter of a high-powered man (‘Mad Men’s’ Vincent Vincent Kartheiser). Oh, and Olivia Wilde plays his mom.

If the whole premise sounds a bit confusing, relax, because we’re still trying to figure it out, too. In the meantime, check out the trailer, then ask yourself this: Is Timberlake on his way to becoming the next Matt Damon? Or is it time for him to hang up his acting shoes and get back into the recording studio?

[via The Wrap]

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