Nashville country duo Indigo Summer are premiering their new song “Wants What It Wants” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Indigo Summer are comprised of singer-songwriters Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix. Their song “Wants What It Wants” is a radio-friendly, mid-tempo breakup ballad: “I know you’re bad for me, so bad for me / That I can’t stay away,” the duo sings in the song's chorus. “I wish you’d come back for me, come back to me / Would one more night still be a mistake? / I shouldn’t pick up the phone, I should leave it alone, chalk it up as a lonely thought / But the heart wants what it wants.”

Edwards and Nix first joined forces as solo artists and songwriters, but they quickly realized they had the right kind of chemistry to make music together. Indigo Summer’s forthcoming self-titled debut album is, as the band describes it, an introduction to Edwards and Nix’s solid harmonies and energetic tunes.

“This album is our big ‘hello!’ to the world,” says Edwards. “This body of work fully represents the beginning of who we are. I know we will grow as artists, but this our foundation and the house we are building is big enough for everyone.”

Prior to forming Indigo Summer, Edwards and Nix found success individually as writers. Separately, they have performed alongside major country acts such as Keith Urban and Charlie Daniels, and have written tracks recorded by Jason Aldean. The duo's debut album is set for release on Oct. 20.

Listen to Indigo Summer, "Wants What It Wants":

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