First, there is some confusion about when National Nap Day, or National Napping Day actually is.  Some sites say today, July 20 is National Nap Day, and other sites say National Napping Day is March 14!  I'm thinking this observance is big enough for two days, what do you think?

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I used to pride myself in the fact that I NEVER nap.  I get up early and I go to bed early, and finally getting over 6 hours of sleep a night.  However, I guess you never say Never.  There are times lately that a nap just sounds so good.  But how long is too long?  Do you actually get into bed and under the covers?  And when is napping at the drop of a hat a bad thing?

Some studies say that you need to go through one complete sleep cycle or around 90 minutes to get the most benefits of a nap.  You don't want to wake up during the deepest part of sleep, or you'll wake feeling sluggish instead of refreshed with a clear mind.

Is there anything more peaceful than napping on a beach? If there is, I don't want to know about it!  The sun, and the sound of the surf, with kids playing in the background, maybe an adult beverage, is definitely a recipe for a quick nap on the beach!

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New mothers have been told for years to take advantage of baby's sleep patterns and 'sleep when baby sleeps'.  Good rule of thumb, unless your child never sleeps.


There is a method to napping, and you can't just jump in and sleep an hour and a half right away, you have to ease into it.  Your first day should be no more that 20-30 minutes,and you should feel the benefits right away.  A clearer mind and less stress, after the first week, it should be easier for you to sleep the recommended 90 minutes.

Like meditation, it can be [used] as a quiet time in the middle of a chaotic day,” says sleep specialist W. Chris Winter, M.D., author of The Sleep Solution.


I've seen desks that convert into a sleep pod, but offices like mine with a huge comfy easy chair work just fine if you ask me.  Oh, and if the doors is closed, I may be napping!

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